Thursday, February 9, 2012

Michael and Emilee

Hi all,

Well, it's time to revive the blog. I was inspired to do this due to some great people I met tonight - Michael and Emilee (love that spelling). Such nice down to earth people who want a wedding that works well.

It was nice to hear why Michael and Emilee hired me to photograph their wedding. First they found my images on the Fort Edmonton website and then they were told about me by a member of a wedding party I just finished shooting. After interviewing a few photographers they decided that we were a good fit. After meeting them for a few times I would agree. I am really looking forward to shooting their wedding this fall and making their images the best possible.

Well, more to come later. I will take this opportunity to welcome myself back to this blogging thing.

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  1. Way to go Lance. I am glad your coming back to blogging!