Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Time in Kentucky, USA.

Good day all! I am in Kentucky at this point and to update you, I am taking a photography workshop down here and am enjoying every minute of it. The new friends I am making and the cool images we are producing makes this trip completely worth it....and did I mention that I am taking a photography workshop? David Ziser has put on a great show for us to this point, but it seems that some people wanted a little bit more than class time would permit so I thought I would help out a bit. We are eating, breathing, and living photography at this point and I wanted to provide a video tutorial on a really cool program called Portrait Professional Max ( ). This program is a photo retouching magic bullet! An easy solution for the photoshop challenged people out there that would still like to produce an amazing image with professional results!

Give me some ideas for tutorials and I will see what I can do. All the best, and enjoy the shooting!

Oh, at the last minute it occurred to me that I could do the second video for you. This post describes a way to remove the red colour (Canadian spelling) cast from objects by using Adobe Photoshop. You can actually do this with any colour but the colour red seems to find its way into most portraits. So, with this method, as read in "Skin" by Lee Varis, seems to work the best, and requires the least amount of RAM to achieve the desired result that is also reverisble or adjustable after the fact. ( Enjoy both videos. Oh, thanks Lara for letting me use your picture. I added some red to your skin cause you are obviously so perfect already!

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