Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hi All!  Today I wanted to share a photo of  a the brides flowers.  Why just this image?   Well, think about where you get your inspiration and how we experiment during a wedding shoot.  This shot was done after I was standing in line at a grocery store and I was looking at a bride magazine...I do that....yes, I seriously do...again, that is serious.  After looking at  a number of images I was caught by the way the brides flowers were captured. I thought to myself "self, why not try that on the next wedding shoot?" So I did.  Now I did other shots but this one was a test.  I will do this shot again on other weddings but I will also ensure that I do the shots that I am comfortable with so I get a shot the bride will like.  My technique on this shot was a bit loose, but I to our credit, that is what we have to do on a wedding shoot.  We have to try new things and sometimes they will work out and sometimes they won't.  The details are not that important on this shot, nor is the post work that I have completed, but remember to have fun with your wedding shots and to try and find inspiration when and where you can! I have included the raw image and the one I completed on post production.

All my best.  Lance Burns.

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