Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a Beautiful Baby!

Hi All!

Well, what a great week it has turned out to be. Up here in the North the concern around the middle of October is what is tomorrow going to look like.  Are we going to have snow?, or...are we going to have snow?  We have been very fortunate in what we have been getting. Warm weather has been here all month. I don't feel like I am jinxing this, as we usually get snow in early November, so I am ready to have people blame me for the snow if it comes.

Anyway, I was shooting the other day. It was a family photoshoot and the weather was great!  We got through about 5 locations and we wanted to do some individual shots of their beautiful baby.  I was getting concerned about the changing weather and thought that we could use their fabulous living room.  I set up three SB-800 flashes.  One on a stand, one on the floor reflecting off my gold reflector and one in the hands of one of the proud parents.  My main light is the light coming off the reflector (Baby left) and my fill flash was on the stand pretty close to centre.  I used the parent to hold a flash head above and behind camera left of the baby to create a bit of separating light.  Main light was balanced to my f stop and the fill light was 1 2/3 under, and my highlight light was 1 under.

This baby was awesome to shoot.  She loved to look into the camera and always had a great look. After I finished I brought the picture into Viveza through Aperture and darkened the background around the baby and lightened up some of the shadows in the eye sockets. I then brought the image into photoshop and use the distort>lens correction filter and added a vignette on top of my original layer. I backed off on the opacity of this layer to create the above effect.

Specs: Nikon D700, Su-800, three SB-800s, f/3.5 @ 1/60 s, 70-200 mm @ 125.0 mm, ISO equivalent 100.


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