Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Wedding

Hi All! Wow, what a weekend. I shot a great bride a groom on Saturday. Jana and Marco made my weekend. These two people were happy to shoot in so many locations! We had a blast. This past weekend was a bit on the cooler side, about 8 degrees celsius, but the spirits of family I was shooting were very warm.  Doesn't Marco look happy back there?  He is actually 9 feet tall.  I had to put him two wheat fields over to get this perspective.

This was the first wedding in which I was using my new D700. I must say that I was very impressed with its function and the quality of the images. Some things that stood out for me as both a pro and a con would include the autoISO feature. I initially had it on and found that I couldn't create the mood I was looking for in my portrait shots so I turned it off. However, I believe that I should have kept it on for the church and some of the candids. These are shots that I want to get and not have to mess around to much. I was very happy with shooting manual but in reflecting on my work, I would have been happy to switch my autoISO off and on at my will. I will set my camera up for this.

Another thing that was pretty cool was the LiveView feature. I didn't think I would use this, but it was late at night, and I was trying to set up a shot that was over my head...LITERALLY, NOT The LiveView feature enabled me to frame the shot and then proceed as normal. It is a cool feature for both amateurs and pros. Figure out how you will use it, and use it.

Overall, the change from the D200 to the D700 was an easy one for the features that appear in all cameras. I can shoot in manual mode, where I am most comfortable, and I can control the basics of any menu. To truly appreciate this camera I will be spending some quality time this weekend getting to know the details of its completely redesigned menu and its great low light shooting abilities.

Spec: Nikon D700, F/2.8 @ 1/160, 102 mm with my 70-200 mm. white balance: auto, and ISO, the trusty 100 (or low 1, as it is now called).

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