Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hi All!

well today is a written post. After all the hype has settled down and after reading blog after blog, and review after review, I decided upon a new system to work with. I was a big, big fan of the Nikon D200 when it came out and have been shooting it for the past three years. I must say that the image quality has been great and the functionality has been awesome. However, as with any system I started to see some of the drawbacks to this system, so I bought a new camera. I bought the D700. What was missing from my arsenal was the ability to shoot great images in low light. The D200 was great for low ISO shots as well as slow moving shots in suspect light, but when it came to DARK scenes, such as receptions it was a gamble as to what I would get, and what the image quality would be at high ISOs. This has changed for me. Now, I have a D700 (not its big brother the D3 as I don't need the 9 fps) and a new set of radiopoppers to ensure I get the shot, rather than hope. I started playing with the D700 last night and so far I am very impressed. I got the optional hand-grip with it to give it a bit more mass and volume. Things that might not seem important to the average shooter, but I like a heavy camera and the vertical shooting option. I will be shooting a bit more during the week as I have a wedding shoot on the weekend, so I need to check out the new (and apparently improved, menu) to ensure I am confident in the camera. However, so far I have been VERY impressed with the quality of the shots at high ISOs. At 800 I noticed no grain, at 6400 I was thinking it was my D200s ISO 800 quality. Wow, have times changed. I was impressed with the D70 years ago, and now the D700!!! I do think the D700 should be the D7000. It is easily 100X's better than the D70. Anyway, I will post results of my camera tests and a few wedding shots from the weekend. All my best, and enjoy!

I know that this post doesn't have a great deal of info, but I just wanted everyone to share in my excitement!

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