Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clipping Masks

Hi All!

As I was working on a few images from some past shoots I realized that I have been changing the way I have been approaching my cloning work. I wanted to show you a video tutorial on how to use clipping masks within photoshop to help reduce the fuzziness that is generally associated with the clone tool - a tool that we rely on most to fix stuff in the background that we don't want in the background. This technique, however, is for any element within a photo that requires a deft and accurate touch.  The ability to use the clipping mask allows the photographer greater control over the edit and more power to make adjustments to the effect after you have finished clipping AND creating new masks (if that last part doesn't make sense right now it will after you have viewed the video).

I hope this technique is helpful.  If so please drop in a comment to tell me how you would use this in your own work!


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