Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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I was over on David Ziser blog today at digitalprotalk.blogspot.com and watched his video about using Lightroom 2 versus Viveza. As a user of Aperture for the Mac, I have a slightly differing view on this and thought I would share my experiences with the Viveza software from the Aperture standpoint.

Viveza is an amazing product that works on a very intuitative level. The ability to create complex masks and to edit pieces of a photo make it a necessary addition to my work flow. I like the fact that when I create an edited image within Aperature by using the Viveza plug-in I am able to retain the original NEF file as well as create a 16-bit TIFF that has all the Viveza adjustments. Now, some might argue that the TIFF file reduces the flexibility in the editing processes but I have not seen this affect my processes. The 16-bit TIFF is a very flexible and forgiving file, and if need be I can work on the original NEF in Aperture. From there, I export out another version of the image and put both of these images into the same file, on two separate layers. By using masks in photoshop I can selectively work on each image and create the perfect scene with great tones and mood.

Again, I like the fact that when I open up Aperture I can see the original NEF file and right beside it the adjusted Viveza file. This flexibility works for me. However, I can understand how the workflow of others may not have the Apple computer angle and from that perspective I can see how the Lightroom 2 option can add to the Viveza discussion. Before you say anything, I am aware of the Lightroom 2 option for the Mac, but to this point I have been very happy with Aperture. Some say I should step out of the dark ages on this one, but my workflow is consistent and my outputs are great. Until I see a big reason to switch I think I will remain an Aperture user who likes to use the Viveza plug-in.

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