Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hi all!

Well today my treat for you is Podcasts that rule. Not podcast rules, but podcasts that leave a strong and lasting impression. Ones that make you want to come back for know, like a thirsty dog.

There are two types of podcasts as far as I am concerned. Good ones and lousy ones. You will know when you have found a lousy one...and likewise you will know when you have found a good one. I am going to tell you about three GREAT ones! The first one is called photoshop killer tips. This site can be found by searching through the itunes store, or from a search engine. This site gives you the skinny on photoshop tools and on quick techniques that will change your work flow. The second podcast that will rock your world is called "The Russell Brown Show." For people out there that like a person who appears to be a little off-balance in his delivery, but interesting and educational all at the same time, then you cannot pass up on this tremendous podcast. From the most basic to the most complex, Russell Brown will guide your photoshop brush from amateur to professional in a matter of minutes (a slight exaggeration). My last recommendation is D-town. This podcast is brand new and is designed to provide tips and tricks to Nikon camera shooters. Way to go Scott Kelby and matt Kloskowski! Your new site is awesome!

Well I hope those podcasts become a part of your weekly personal learning and you enjoy the lessons these able people provide to you. tomorrow, I will talk about two websites that you can pay a subscription for and give you my opinion on their value.

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