Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where have I been?

You may wonder where I have been for the last little bit. Well, I will tell you, I have been creating copious amounts of new digital material. I am a huge fan of screen capture when it comes to tutorials and such. With that in mind you might wonder what I have been working on. Well, it has been tutorials to teach high school students how to build webpages and how to edit images in cool and interesting ways. The internet if full of cool resources, and for me it is about exploiting these resources to their fullest potential. I wanted to give you a list of great sites to visit and get awesome photoshop tutorials from. My first one is psdtuts.com. This website is chaulk full of cool step by step tutorials. From building people out of aluminium to creating fantasy worlds we would love to live it. Check that one out. The second is picturesocial.com. This site has a number of images from a variety of shooters that make you think. Some are awesome, some are average - again, all from the point of view of the viewer. My third site tonight is from a photographer who is amazing at what he does and resides in my neck of the woods. Check out www.robertbrayphotography.com. A great guy and a great photographer. These sites are sure to provide inspiration for you on a visual level.

Tomorrow's post will focus on podcasts that have had a great impact on me.

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