Friday, August 15, 2008

The Details

Hi All!  On a recent wedding shoot I was scouting locations to shooting high angles of the ceremony from outside.  As I was doing this I had to walk through the reception area.  There was a great deal of movement in this area as people were getting the venue ready.  One person in particular, a relative of the bride, was getting the center pieces ready. She was really proud of this work and indicated that buying the pieces was a special treat for her and the bride.  I remembered this so I could try and capture this item in a unique way during the ceremony.

Technically this shot used a hand held SB-800 to light the candle and glass properly while the blurry background was lite naturally.  

Specs: Nikon D200, 17-55mm @ 25 mm, F/3.2 @ 1/60, SB-800 TTL left hand, SU-8-- on Hotshoe.


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