Friday, August 15, 2008

What Gets You Up in the Morning?

Hi All!  I have one more bit of information for you.  How do you get ready for a wedding? I don't mean your equipment check or that. I mean how do you get pysched up for the shoot? How do you find inspiration for the day. I wanted to share with you what I do. I usually get up extra early.  I am usually up and working by 8 am of the wedding day.  Today for example is a wedding day shoot...yes, a Friday wedding.  I like to check out websites and collect images that I can think about for the days shoot.  Does this work?  Absolutely, I have a collection of images from websites, magazines, books, and videos that I have put together so I can review them. As a matter of fact, if I have a second shooter I bring two copies and I explain what shots I would like him/her to focus on.  This way we can review the progress as we go.  This morning I was reviewing a video I have titled "Masters of Wedding Photography 2."  I was watching Marcus Bell this morning and thinking about how he causally poses the shots and then gets to work after the formals are done.....very creative and artistically inspiring.

I also like to google words like "wedding", "portrait", etc., and look through google images.  You never know what you will fine.

What goes you up in the morning?

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