Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting it right the first time!

Hi all!  Today I wanted to share an image that I took on my Friday shoot.  This was at a local hotel with a great view of the river valley, as well as a wonderful sky view.  This image was posed to ensure the bride was on the right side of center, with her face on a node.  I have her looking back into the image so you are not wondering what she is looking at.  If she was looking the other way, I am quite sure it wouldn't have the same appeal, or impact on the viewer.  OK, so I took the original and noticed that I didn't like the way the background was set up.  I adjusted the background in photoshop and used a high pass filter for sharpening.  Of course I am not going over all the photoshop work, but you get the point.

Specs: Nikon D200, 17-55  mm lens @ 17 mm, F/3.2 @ 1/2000, right side main SB-800 at F/3.2, camera close left SB-800 1-stop under for fill.  SU-800 trigger on camera.

Key point - get the image right in camera so the work that you do afterwards is minimized.  


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  1. Lance,

    Nice fix -- great sky!