Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby Love


Hi all!  Well, here is an image that was shot on an impromptu photoshoot.  My friends just had a baby and were over and we decided to take some shots that they could send out.  I pulled out a black velvet background and threw it over my living room couch.  I grabbed 3 SB-800s and set the main light camera left 30 degrees off.  Fill light was over camera, and one stop under the main light F.  In addition there was a highlight flash that was shooting from behind subjects camera right.  This highlight flash was designed to separate the image from the background a bit more.  Anyway, the shoot was going great and there was this moment, unplanned, where mom put her hand on baby.  The scene was PERFECT!!!! All I did was click the button.

Specs: Nikon D200, Three SB-800s, umbrellas on each one. ISO 100, F/4.5 @ 1/60. 17-55 mm @ 17 mm.

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