Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family portrait in the fall


Hi All!  I have a great tutorial to share with you all today. I was out this weekend with one of my favorite families. After shooting their wedding last fall we thought we would update the family portraits!  We had a nice casual walk and when the moment struck we took pictures. Some were posed, but most were not. The image we are looking at was one that was kind of posed.  I really, really liked the background and asked the family to slowly walk through the open space.  Well, as they were walking a happy accident occurred.  The birds just started moving in.  Wave after wave in a very short time.  I loved it!  After getting the images into photoshop and Nik Colour Efexs,  I was able to produce this stunning image.  I love how private a moment we see.  The child is looking back at the birds and the parents are having their own tranquil moment.  Amazing in the story that it tells.

Well, I hope you enjoy the tutorial and realize that images are sometimes captured and sometimes created.  You can decided for yourself what this one is.

Until next time!  All my best and enjoy!

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